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Events in Nieuwpoort

Below a list of events in the Nieuwpoort-area:

In the NAVIGO-fishing museum you will meet a typical Flemish fishing family, the heroic Iceland sailors and the traditional horseback shrimp fishermen.

Hotel Uilenspiegel in Nieuwpoort-Bad is the perfect stay with enjoyable, child friendly activities.

Autumn is the perfect season for nice walks along the Ijzer-river and the beach. Starting in Nieuwpoort, you can discover the beautiful hinterland: green meadows crossed by little rivers. Walking or cycling is the best way to explore the beautiful area.

Use Hotel Uilenspiegel as your base for your cycling holiday at the Belgian coast. Nieuwpoort and the surrounding low lands feature several unique bike trails. All trails are clearly signposted. You can rent bikes in Nieuwpoort, at only 100 meters from the hotel or you can bring your own bikes.